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55 Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

About us

1. Why are you my girlfriend?
2. If you would have never met me, who would have been your boyfriend?
3. What was your first impression of me?
4. What do you consider the most important values in a man?
5. What is the one characteristic that you find in a guy that makes them most attractive?
6. Is there a characteristic or trait that you find unattractive about me?
7. When you visualize the “perfect” relationship, what is it that you see?
8. What are the things that you admire most about me?
9. Besides your father (or other family members) who is your closest male friend?

About you

10. When it comes to life in general, what do you feel is the most important thing of all?
11. How would you describe “happiness”?
12. In reviewing your life, what would you say your biggest mistake was?
13. What do you do now in order to ensure never to make that mistake again?
14. If you were allowed to describe yourself as a person using three to four words, what would they be?
15. What do you consider to be your three major strengths?
16. What would you describe as your three major weaknesses?
17. What type of relationship did you have with your parents while growing up?
18. How do you get along with your parents now?
19. Do you enjoy spending time with friends and relatives, or do you prefer being alone?
20. When you spend time with friends, what do you enjoy doing?
21. When you spend time with your family, what do you enjoy doing?
22. When there is nothing to do, what types of things do you entertain yourself with?
23. Who do you consider your best friend, and why is that?
24. In your past relationships, what circumstances led to the breakup?
25. Have you ever been in a committed relationship and broke from it by engaging in an affair with another person?

Do you?

26. Do you consider yourself to be an honest person?
27. Do you believe that love involves following your heart, or your head?
28. Do you still have feelings for someone that you once shared a relationship with?
29. Do you have any specific plans for the future when it comes to your permanent relationship?
30. Do you believe in living with someone before you are married to them?
31. Do you feel that a high value should be placed on money, or relationships?
32. Do you feel as if you are a trusting person? If not, what makes it difficult for you to trust others?
33. Do you believe when people are just dating, that it is OK for them to date more than one individual at a time?
34. Do you feel as if you are able to get along with others well, or do you feel as if most people do not understand you well?

35. Do you currently have any type of financial goals for your future? If so, what is one example?
36. Do you have a book that you consider your favorite of all time? If so, why do you enjoy it so much?
37. Do you view someone that you know, or know of as a “hero”? If so, what makes this individual so special?

38. Do you often feel as if you are a victim of circumstance?
39. Do you suffer from a habit that you consider to be “bad”?
40. Do you feel as if you are a positive or negative person?

How would you describe…

41. How would you describe the most romantic night of your life?
42. How would you describe intimacy?
43. How would you describe love?

What if?

44. If someone you were in a relationship with were to become mentally disabled, like through the means of a car accident or stroke, would you continue in the relationship with them?
45. If you were to become a mother of a child who was born with some type of birth abnormality, how would you react?
46. If I had to travel for one reason or another, and you were not able to come along, how would you react in waiting for me?
47. If you were offered five million dollars in exchange for leaving everything you have behind (including me), would you do it?
48. If someone you were in a relationship with were to become physically disabled, would you continue in the relationship with them?

General Questions

49. Throughout your life, what experiences do you feel contributed most to the person that you have become today?
50. Life is marked by a handful of experiences that change the direction we take. What would you say is one experience that changed the course of your life in general?
51. What is an example of one major decision that you have made, and how did you handle the situation?
52. We are all “diamonds in the rough”. In order for me to get past that stage, what would you say I need to focus on most?
53. Have you had an experience that you consider to be the most embarrassing? Why was it embarrassing?
54. What type of pet do you enjoy the most, and why do you like that particular type?
55. What is your opinion when it comes to marriage?